3D Mammograms Improve Detection, Peace of Mind

In 2016, Newsletter, Talukdar, Volume 8 Issue 4 by Addison Clark

Imaging Center for Women results show 3D mammograms increased cancer detection by 33% and reduced callbacks for additional testing by 34%.

The center invested in 3D mammography in 2015 based on national research studies reporting similar improvements. Medical Director Roni Talukdar, MD, of Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg recently reported that the center’s own findings have exceeded expectations. In a comparison of 3D mammograms and 2D mammograms performed at the center from June 2015 to June 2016:

  • The cancer detection rate for 3D mammograms, also known as breast tomosynthesis, was 2 per 1,000 mammograms performed, compared with 3.9 for 2D.
  • The recall rate for 3D mammograms was 6.3%, compared with 9.4% for Recalls, also known as callbacks, occur when a patient is asked to return for additional testing because initial results  require clarification.

To schedule a mammogram, call (540) 741-XRAY (9729).

Pictured above are Dr. Talukdar and Nichole Borko, Mammography Technologist.