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VIVA’s Cutting Edge, Minimally Invasive Procedures Used to Control A Variety of Cancers

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April is designated as Cancer Control Month. Cancer Control focuses on reducing the number of people who get cancer, reducing complications from cancer, and decreasing the deaths due to cancer. It uses approaches that have been tested through research to control the number of cancer cases as well as the effects of cancer. Cancer control programs work to find and …

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Virtual Colonoscopy

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Virtual Colonoscopy, also referred to as computerized tomography colonography, is an outpatient procedure that utilizes computer technology along with x-rays to provide images of the entire colon. These 3D images have been able to identify 85% of suspicious colon growths in patients with a risk for colorectal cancer. While this type of procedure is not recommended for those who have …

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3D Mammography: The Newest Tool to Save Lives

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According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer claims the lives of 40,000 women every year, however women who are regularly screened with a mammogram can reduce the mortality rate by 35%. Those numbers prove that through regular breast screenings, lives can be saved, and Radiology Associates of Fredericksburg has added a new tool to reduce those numbers even further. …


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X-ray is the oldest form type of imaging, and where the field of radiology began. It is still the most common of radiology tests. A small dose of radiation is used to produce an x-ray image. X-rays are commonly used to evaluate the chest, abdomen, pelvis, joints and extremities.