New Location: VIVA Stafford

In 2017, Newsletter, Volume 9 Issue 3 by Addison Clark

Virginia Interventional and Vascular Associates (VIVA) has opened a new location in Stafford. It is located on Stafford Hospital grounds and provides patients in the community with a greater level of convenience in their medical care. “With the growth in population and in the number of doctors in the Stafford area, we felt like it was important to provide a …

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Physician Spotlight: Dr. Vishal Bindal

In 2017, Newsletter, Physician Spotlight, Volume 9 Issue 3 by Addison Clark

The new physician Director of MRI for Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg (RAF) started as a board-certified, fellowship-trained neuroradiologist many years ago, but his love for where he works and what he does hasn’t changed. “Everyone works well with each other. I love the team environment, it’s been perfect,” Dr. Vishal Bindal said of his colleagues. Dr. Bindal has traveled to …

Raising Awareness for Nutcracker Syndrome and Venous Compression Syndromes

In 2017, Doherty, Newsletter, Volume 9 Issue 3 by Addison Clark

Nutcracker Syndrome is a rare condition, but its rarity doesn’t make it any less painful or difficult to deal with. The syndrome involves the compression or narrowing of the renal vein, which causes the slowing of blood flow from the left kidney. This then presents as abdominal pain and discomfort, or groin pain and pelvic pain. The symptoms are part …

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Imaging Center for Women in North Stafford: World Class Care in Your Community

In 2017, Featured Articles, Newsletter, Talukdar, Volume 9 Issue 3 by Addison Clark

When it comes to women’s health, medical imaging plays a crucial and integral part. For the women in the Stafford region, the Imaging Center for Women (ICW) in North Stafford will offer high-tech, world class medical imaging services with the same exceptional customer service they have received at the Fredericksburg ICW location. ICW North Stafford is located at 125 Woodstream …

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Changes for Medicare Patients and Clinical Decision Support Coming in 2019

In 2017, Newsletter, Volume 9 Issue 3 by Addison Clark

Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software has long been a part of the medical community, providing vital tools to assist physicians and their teams in making informative, swift decisions. From diagnostic support to patient data reports, CDS has aided physicians in all specialties. New proposed Federal rulings for Medicare are about to change requirements for use of CDS systems. According to …