Charity Policy

Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg provides reduced cost medical care to patients according to family income and short-term debt. We determine eligibility for this program based upon Federal Poverty Income guidelines. Our policy is designed to compliment Charity care policies of the facilities where we practice.

Any patient whose annual income or resources are less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines qualifies for free care on the amount not covered by insurance or other source of payment. If you have no insurance or other payment sources, and meet the criteria below, you will receive free care. The criteria for the 100% discount of your bill is as follows:

Family Size Annual Income
Single Person $19,140
Family of 2 $25,660
Family of 3 $32,180
Family of 4 $38,700
Family of 5 $45,220
Family of 6 $51,740

Any patient whose annual income or resources are between 201% and 250% of the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines qualifies for a 50% discount on the patient balance, minus any insurances coverage’s or other payments source the patient may have. If you have no insurance, and meet the criteria below, you will only pay 50% of charges. The income criteria for the 50% discount is a follows:

Family Size Annual Income
Single Person $23,935
Family of 2 $32,075
Family of 3 $40,25
Family of 4 $48,375/td>
Family of 5 $56,525
Family of 6 $64,675

Short-Term Debt

To qualify for discounts listed above, the current family income may be reduced by the current amount of short-term debt. Short–term debt is defined as those payments for which 100% of the balance is due within the next 365 days. This would include revolving credit but exclude mortgage payments.

For example, if a single person had an annual income of $21,140 but had an outstanding credit care balance of $2,050, the netted amount of $19,090 would qualify the individual for a 100% discount of their balance.

Documentation of income and short-term debt must be documented and presented to the Customer Service Department.

Other Discounts

Any patient or guarantor that does not have insurance, but and does not meet the Charity guidelines above is eligible for a 20% if they pay their balance within twelve months of the first statement date.

This discount is not “in addition” to a discount applied per the criteria above. For example, if a 50% discount is granted on an account, if the remaining 50% is paid within 12 months, the balance is not discounted further by 20%.

Resource Support

Whenever a patient bill is processed where no insurance information is available on the patient’s account, a notification is provided to the patient or responsible party that states that should the patient not have insurance coverage they might meet our discount guidelines. We are happy to accommodate charity requests, and provide a phone number so that a customer service representative can be contacted. This phone number is 540-891-8730.

Whenever a patient with insurance coverage becomes delinquent in meeting their out-of-pocket payment obligations for the services we provided, the patient is contacted to inform them that they may be eligible for our charity care discounts.