Computer Tablet Patient Check-In System Wins Award for Medical Imaging Centers

In 2014, Newsletter, Volume 6 Issue 1 by Addison Clark

A state-of-the-art computer tablet check-  in system has reduced the time it takes patients to register at Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg centers by more than 50% and generated other improvements recently honored with a top local award.

Medical Imaging received a 1st Place 2013 President’s Award from Mary Washington Healthcare for performance achievements since implementing the Phreesia™ check-in system in August 2012. Medical Imaging centers include Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg on the Mary Washington Hospital campus, Medical Imaging of North Stafford, Medical Imaging at Lee’s Hill and the Imaging Center for Women. Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg (RAF) and Mary  Washington  Healthcare  are  partners in Medical Imaging, with RAF providing professional services to the center.

Instead of clipboards of paperwork, Phreesia provides patients with computer tablets that they can take back to their seats to complete information in a confidential manner. Staff assist any patients who need help with the system, though most patients familiar with computers report that the tablets’ design and electronic prompts make check-in easy. The system also interfaces with electronic medical records, performs insurance verifications, and facilitates selection of co-payments and patient deductibles.

“It has changed the check-in process and workflow, so patients spend less time registering, and staff spend more time welcoming and helping patients,” said Medical Imaging Executive Director Barry Nielsen. “It also allows us to verify a patient’s insurance in real time so patients don’t have to wait 60 to 90 days.”

Nielsen said Ed Swager, CEO of RAF, was instrumental in the system’s success, as were team members Katie Meyers of Medical Imaging of North Stafford, Christopher Wyatt of Medical Imaging at Lee’s Hill, and Phyllis Dorsey of Imaging Access, a department of Medical Imaging.

Earlier in 2012, Phreesia was introduced locally by Virginia Interventional & Vascular Associates (VIVA), the interventional radiology and vascular surgery practice of RAF. Jennifer Dawson, director of VIVA, identified the system after seeing it demonstrated at a professional conference.