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Body Imaging

Specializing in diseases of the liver, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract, and genitourinary system. Section Chief: Stacy Moulton, MD

Cardiac Imaging

Subspecialty trained to interpret cardiac MRI, coronary artery CT, and aortic imaging. Section Chief: Neil Green, MD

Interventional Radiology

Fellowship trained specalists in the diagnosis of vascular disorders, minimally invasive diagnostic procedures, and endovascular therapies. Section Chief: R. Donald Doherty Jr., MD


Fellowship trained specialists in diagnostic procedures and imaging of the skeleton, joints, and muscles. Section Chief: George Sofis, MD


Fellowship trained subspecialists in the imaging of the brain, head/neck, and spine, each possessing the ABR CAQ (certificate of added qualification) in neuroradiology. Section Chief: Edward C. Hwang, MD MBA

Nuclear Medicine

Fellowship trained or credentialed in the interpretation of diagnostic studies and therapies using radiopharmaceuticals. Section Chief: Neil Green, MD

Vascular Surgery

Fellowship trained vascular surgeons.

Women’s Imaging

Members of the ICW (Imaging Center for Women) imaging team, specializing in the interpretation of breast imaging and pelvic sonography as well being skilled in breast biopsy procedures. Section Chief: Roni Talukdar, MD

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