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For VIVA Patients, Computer Tablets Will Replace Check-In Paperwork

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Check-in paperwork is becoming a thing of the past for patients at Virginia Interventional & Vascular Associates (VIVA).
VIVA will begin introducing the Phreesia™ check-in system to patients in the next few months, said Jennifer Dawson, NP-C,
VIVA director. Instead of clipboards with pages of questions, patients will be provided computer tablets that they can take back to their seats to answer check-in questions easily and electronically.
“Patients will enjoy the fact that all their information is stored for them in a confidential and secure manner, and they do not have to fill out paperwork over and over again,” said Dawson, who saw the system demonstrated at a medical conference and brought the idea back to VIVA for evaluation. “Of course, patients will still have a paper option if they prefer.”
Most patients – 81 percent – preferred electronic check-in to paper forms in a survey of more than 1.2 million patients who used Phreesia in 2011, according to a company spokesperson.
Patients will not need computer skills to use the system, Dawson added. The tablet’s design and electronic prompts make check-in easy and intuitive for most users. VIVA staff will be ready to assist any patients who need help in becoming more familiar with the system. In fact, the system automatically alerts staff if a patient seems to be taking a long time with the check-in process.
The system also will:
• Provide automatic insurance eligibility checks
• Accept patient credit card/debit card payments
• Eliminate misunderstandings caused by illegible handwriting
• Interface with electronic medical records for more complete patient charts
• Offer medical educational content that patients can view after check-in to better understand their medical conditions

Additional information about the system will be available following implementation later this year.