Health Scan Screenings Available For Heart, Lung, Colorectal Diseases

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Health Scan, a program of Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg, offers proven screenings for the early detection of heart disease, lung cancer, and colorectal cancer.

Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg (RAF) physicians clinically manage and supervise the screenings and interpret results on site at Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg facilities. Ed Swager, CEO of RAF, noted that the screenings are valuable to patients and referring physicians because of their highly predictive nature and capabilities. The screenings can also ease the health concerns of patients, added Practice Administrator Chris Snyder.

The screenings include:

Heart Scan This screening, also known as cardiac calcium scoring, uses a high-speed CT scan to detect calcium buildup in the heart and coronary arteries, years before a stress test can. It is recommended for men ages 45–80 and women ages 55–80 with no known heart disease, or younger patients with two or more risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, smoking, or a family history of heart disease/stroke.

Lung Scan This scan is a low-dose CT screening test that has been shown to significantly reduce deaths by identifying signs of lung cancer at earlier, more treatable, stages. It is recommended for women and men ages 55+ with a history of smoking but no current symptoms of lung disease.

 Virtual Colonoscopy This scan does not require anesthesia, IV lines, or a colonoscope. Patients lie on a table while air is introduced into the colon so the CT scanner can take accurate images. Virtual colonoscopy is intended for average-risk patients who have conditions preventing a regular optical colonoscopy and those who would otherwise refuse screening.

The Health Scan program was previously called Virginia (VA) Health Scan but its name was changed to prevent confusion with Veterans Administration healthcare services, Swager said.

For more information on Health Scan screenings, visit or call (540) 741-XRAY (9729).