woman walking in front of the imaging center for women in north stafford

Imaging Center for Women in North Stafford: World Class Care in Your Community

In 2017, Featured Articles, Newsletter, Talukdar, Volume 9 Issue 3 by Addison Clark

When it comes to women’s health, medical imaging plays a crucial and integral part. For the women in the Stafford region, the Imaging Center for Women (ICW) in North Stafford will offer high-tech, world class medical imaging services with the same exceptional customer service they have received at the Fredericksburg ICW location. ICW North Stafford is located at 125 Woodstream Drive, Suite 101 in Stafford, VA.

The center provides services that include 2D mammograms, breast ultrasounds, and DEXA bone density scans. It also features the latest imaging technology in the fight against breast cancer: 3D tomosynthesis, also known as 3D mammography.

A 3-dimensional image of your breast provides better images for screening as well as diagnosis. Unlike a 2D mammogram, which provides a radiologist with a flat image of the breast tissue, the 3D mammogram provides images of a breast in one millimeter slices, similar to the pages of a book.

“A 2D mammogram is a 2-dimensional picture–a flat image–of a 3-dimensional structure,” said Dr. Roni Talukdar, board certified and fellowship-trained radiologist. “When you do that, you have a phenomenon called superimposition, where your normal breast tissue overlaps other normal breast tissue. Sometimes that normal breast tissue, when it overlaps other breast tissue, can look like cancer. Sometimes that normal breast tissue can hide a small cancer.”

During a 3D mammogram, multiple images are taken to create a 3-dimensional view of your breast tissue. This results in superior image quality, less biopsies, and fewer call-backs. This all adds up to greater peace of mind for women, and that’s the aim of ICW North Stafford.

“Studies show a clear benefit from yearly screening with 3D mammography” said Dr. Talukdar. “We’re doing our very best to make it as accessible as possible for our community.”

The goal of ICW North Stafford is to encourage more women to take advantage of screenings that can detect breast cancer in its earliest, most treatable stages with a convenient, easy to reach location. Board-certified, fellowship trained radiologists from the top programs in the country at ICW North Stafford make it easier for women to get world class care in their own backyard.

That’s what gives the ICW in North Stafford such an advantage, according to Dr. Talukdar. “Even though our physicians have trained at some of the best programs in the nation, we are a local group that lives in this community.” For the women in the region, that expertise and world class care can make all the difference.