Interventional Radiology and Vascular Surgery

In 2012, Koenig, Newsletter, Volume 4 Issue 1 by Addison Clark

VIVA Moves to Lee’s Hill Facility, Enhancing Patient Services and Comfort

In a move that has more than doubled its space, Virginia Interventional & Vascular Associates (VIVA) has relocated to the Professional Plaza of Lee’s Hill. VIVA is the interventional radiology and vascular surgery practice of Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg (RAF).

VIVA’s new offices are located off US 1, near the I-95 Spotsylvania Exit, in the same building as Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg at Lee’s Hill and Mary Washington Healthcare’s Emergency & Outpatient Center – Lee’s Hill.

The move in February was a necessity, as VIVA had long outgrown its offices in the Ambulatory Surgery Center near Mary Washington Hospital. RAF CEO Ed Swager explained that VIVA’s interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons evaluate and treat significantly more patients than they did when VIVA opened in 2007.

Treatments offered by VIVA physicians include minimally invasive procedures for uterine fibroids, varicose veins/spider veins, cancer, compression fractures caused by osteoporosis, chronic pain, and many other conditions. VIVA physicians also provide the full range of vascular surgery care, including catheter-based and open procedures. Vascular ultrasound tests available through VIVA detect peripheral vascular disease, deep vein thrombosis, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and additional abnormalities.

VIVA physicians include interventional radiologists Michael P. McDermott, MD, John J. McLaughlin, MD, R. Donald Doherty, Jr., MD, John D. Statler, MD, and John D. Gleason, MD, and vascular surgeons Victor J. D’Addio, MD, and Larry Koenig, MD.

With 9,200 square feet, the new facility at Lee’s Hill not only accommodates VIVA’s growth with additional procedure rooms and exam rooms, but also offers:

  • Improved patient comfort
  • An accessible location
  • Faster scheduling
  • A supportive setting for clinical excellence

“Moving to a new facility provided an opportunity to create a welcoming environment that is patient-centered and easy to navigate,” noted Dr. Doherty.

Improved Patient Comfort

“RAF and VIVA are cognizant of the healthcare expenses of our patients and the costs of third- party payers. The new VIVA facility has a pleasant design that is practical, not opulent,” Swager added. “It blends the positive aesthetic experience of the clinical environment with a facility that is not too sterile or too informal.”

One major improvement is an office layout that reflects the workflow of patients and staff. For example, waiting areas for vascular surgery patients are located near the vascular surgeons, waiting areas for interventional radiology patients are located near the  interventional  radiologists, and waiting areas for patients needing both services are located equidistant between the two specialties.

Irene Valentino, RAF director of administrative operations, noted that the spacious design better accommodates acute patients who are in wheelchairs or on stretchers. It is easier for acute patients to maneuver into and around the facility, and gives clinicians the flexibility of approaching patients on either side of stretchers.

Accessible Location

The Lee’s Hill location is near one of the few crossroads of US 1 and I-95, making it convenient to many patients throughout the region who are served by VIVA, Swager said. The location offers ample, easy parking for patients and staff.

VIVA’s New Address 10401 Spotsylvania Avenue, Ste 203, Fredericksburg, VA 22408 Phone: (540) 654-9118 • Web Site:

Faster Scheduling

The new VIVA facility has more procedure rooms and exam rooms, which can be used or scaled back as needed based on volume. “We also have the space to add more clinicians by hiring additional nurses, physician’s assistants and radiology techs. These improvements should lead to faster scheduling of procedures,” Valentino added.

A Supportive Setting for Clinical Excellence

Swager commented that the new facility reflects the high quality and professionalism of VIVA staff. It is designed to comply with higher-end regulations and requirements such as accreditation criteria from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.

It also offers the flexibility for VIVA to grow as it has historically, in a building with complementary support services such as medical imaging, lab, emergency services, and physical therapy.


Pictured above: Medical Assistant Stephanie Finley organizes supplies and prepares a patient for a procedure at VIVA’s new facility.