radiologist talking to patient about PET/CT scans

Leading-edge PET/CT technology now in Fredericksburg

In 2018, Featured Articles, Green, Newsletter, Volume 11 Issue 2 by Addison Clark

Last year, Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg (MIF) installed a leading-edge advanced PET/CT unit at their Fredericksburg location. The proprietary technology in the new unit facilitates the assessment of the location, extent, and severity of disease with a speed and accuracy that did not previously exist. This higher level of imaging and diagnostic accuracy is accomplished with an even lower dose of radiation than traditional scans. For patients with metal implants, it has the capability of producing a clear picture, reducing or even eliminating the visual disruptions that would occur in other PET/CT units. The higher quality images are processed faster which enables clinicians to diagnose cancer earlier, thus facilitating the most effective and targeted treatment strategies possible.
“Our newest PET/CT unit puts MIF on par with recognized teaching hospitals, but at non-hospital rates, and allows us to continue providing the very best medical imaging services to the community. ” stated Dr. Green.

This leading-edge technology is only a portion of the value offered at Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg. When it comes to serving the greater Fredericksburg community, MIF is dedicated to providing patients with the best care, the best service, and the highest value. The Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Radiologists provide subspecialized expertise in reading and interpreting patients’ scans. Referring physicians can trust that at MIF, their patients will not only find the latest technology to produce their scans, but also the highest qualified Radiologists to read and interpret those images for the earliest possible detection.

Physicians can contact the RAF Physician Concierge with questions or a consultation by calling 1-855-RAF-LINE.

Early detection. Accelerated accuracy. One clear picture.