nurse greeting a patient at VIVA

New Value-Added Services Launched at VIVA

In Newsletter, Volume 10 Issue 1 by Addison Clark

Virginia Interventional and Vascular Associates (VIVA) is proud to offer high quality, state-of-the-art services, bringing incredible value to the region.

New value-added services now offered at VIVA are expanded services at Stafford Hospital and Stafford Hospital Medical Office Building (SH MOB), easy access to same-day appointments for medically necessary procedures, and anesthesia in the outpatient setting.

VIVA’s physicians and staff are working hard to make quality patient care easily accessible to all referring physicians and patients. To support this effort, VIVA now offers consultations for services as well as pre- and post-operative care at the Stafford Hospital Medical Office Building, in Suite 315. In addition, vascular surgery services are available at Stafford Hospital, provided by the region’s only Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Vascular Surgeons.

Another time-saving, value-added service that VIVA has introduced is easy access to same day appointments. This approach is changing the process of scheduling appointments and facilitating same-day service when requested, where the procedure is clinically indicated. Now, physicians can call to schedule a same-day appointment when they feel there is a clinical need. No matter what it takes, for any service currently offered, VIVA will say, “Yes”.

From a patient’s perspective, the commitment to easy access is reassurance that if they need immediate care, VIVA is going to make it easy for their referring physician to schedule their appointment. Patients with emergent needs, such as dialysis, for example, can now be confident that VIVA is staffed and ready to serve them. “Easy access is a same-day service policy available at VIVA’s Fredericksburg location, wherever possible, where medically indicated,” said Chris Snyder, Chief Operating Officer at Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg. “We are committed to responding to patients’ needs with urgency and accessibility.” VIVA has office locations in both Fredericksburg and North Stafford, as well as Saturday hours available in Fredericksburg, to help make care more accessible.

Anesthesia is another important new service offered in our Fredericksburg outpatient office setting. For procedures already offered at VIVA, anesthesia improves the patient experience by allowing for a quicker recovery time. In the past, a procedure would be completed using long-acting sedation medications. Now, for these same procedures, anesthesia is offered, resulting in reduced recovery time. Patients enjoy the convenience of a shortened appointment time, a more comfortable experience, and the ability to return home sooner.

During a regularly scheduled procedure, a surgical anesthesiologist participates by providing the appropriate monitoring and administration of anesthesia. In recovery, patients are less drowsy than when long-acting sedation was previously used. Anesthesia is currently being offered two days a week at VIVA’s Fredericksburg outpatient location, adding a higher level of care and comfort for patients.

To find out more information about these services, contact VIVA at (540) 654-9118.