Physician Statement: New Anthem Insurance Requirements for Imaging Studies

In News by Addison Clark

Beginning in March of 2018, Anthem will require that most high-end imaging studies be completed in a non-hospital-based outpatient setting. The new rules will require that MRIs, CTs, and PET/CTs be referred to locations such as those available through Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg instead of being provided in a hospital or location billing as a hospital. Our community is fortunate that Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg has many locations in the area, including those at Lee’s Hill, Central Fredericksburg, and North Stafford.  

Patients in the surrounding area benefit from a unique partnership between Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg, Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg, and Mary Washington Healthcare, that ensures patients in our region receive the highest quality imaging. Both hospital and outpatient services operate under the supervision of local radiologists at Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg. Patients can be confident that when they receive care at the hospital or Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg, imaging will be performed by the same board certified, fellowship trained radiologists in facilities that are using the latest technology.

What to Tell Patients

patient at the front desk of one of our medical imaging centersYou can reassure patients that our community is uniquely positioned to continue offering the highest level of imaging services. They will receive the same quality care at Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg that they would at the hospital.

Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg

  • Provides the latest technology, making travel outside the area unnecessary for high end imaging
  • Provides high quality customer service, with satisfaction rates of 95% or better  
  • Operates under the supervision of fellowship trained, board certified radiologists who are experts in their field
  • ACR and Medicare high-end imaging accreditation

Physician Assistance

Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg and Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg are prepared to assist referring physicians during the Anthem transition and beyond.

  • Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg will deal directly with Anthem on behalf of physicians who pre-arrange this support. This reduces the time and confusion of dealing with new requirements. If hospital imaging is indicated, such as in cases requiring anesthesia, our team will advocate on behalf of the patient, when we are engaged in the preauthorization process.
  • Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg will continue to provide direct support via the RAF Concierge, for all of your imaging questions.

The management and collaboration of Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg and Mary Washington Healthcare has allowed Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg to develop as a premier outpatient high-end imaging provider. RAF radiologists ensure that the best imaging tests and utilization methods are implemented.  The use of imaging has been proven to be more conservative when under the supervision of radiologists. Most importantly, the on-site presence of board certified, fellowship trained radiologists ensures that studies are completed with the highest levels of skill and training. Both referring physicians and patients benefit from RAF’s presence in our community.