Radiologist Spotlight: David W. Scott III, MD

In 2010, Newsletter, Physician Spotlight, Volume 2 Issue 2 by Addison Clark

For Dr. David W. Scott III, medicine is all in the family. His father, Dr. David W. Scott, Jr., practiced internal medicine in Fredericksburg for 35 years. His mother was a nurse. His great-uncle, Dr. Sidney L. Scott, had a practice in Fredericksburg for many years.

A career in medicine, then, was no doubt “in the genes,” yet his selection of radiology as a specialty area was serendipitous. “One summer while I was in medical school at the University of Virginia, I did an externship in the hospital’s radiology department,” Dr. Scott said. “They took me under their wing. I was fascinated by what I experienced, and knew I’d found my calling.”

After graduating from the University of Virginia School of Medicine, Dr. Scott completed his internship at Norfolk General Hospital. For two years, he served in the U.S. Army, stationed at the Walter Reed  Army Institute of Research in Washington, DC, and at Fort Hood, Texas. He then completed his residency in diagnostic radiology at the University of Virginia Hospital, where he also served as an instructor.

Board certified, Dr. Scott has practiced with Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg (RAF) for 36 years. Initially specializing in barium tests and plain film studies, he has grown his practice through emerging technologies and online learning programs that have “revolutionized continuing medical education,” he noted.

[box] For Dr. David Scott,
medicine is all in the family.[/box]

Dr. Scott also appreciates that the practice of medicine has become more flexible in accommodating the balance of work and life. In July 2009, he moved to a part-time schedule with RAF. “I wanted more time to pursue my interests beyond medicine,” he said, “but being a radiologist is too much a part of me to retire completely.”

Born in Baltimore and raised in Fredericksburg, Dr. Scott has delighted in spending his adult life on familiar turf. Today, Dr. Scott lives in Fredericksburg’s historic section in a three-story brick house built in 1824. The home was purchased by his great-great-grandfather in 1872 and has been in the family ever since. The property served as a Civil War hospital after Union soldiers crossed the Rappahannock River and set up camp in Fredericksburg. “Shell holes are still visible in the roof,” he noted.

Along with Civil War history, leading his list of interests is boating. It may be another inherited family trait. Dr. Scott’s father renovated an old lifeboat as a family cruising craft, the “Yachett,” upon which his namesake learned his nautical skills on the Potomac River.

Dr. Scott and his family have extended their boating destinations to include most of the East Coast and beyond. Beginning in 2009, they have cruised with kindred spirits through America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association. On various legs of the journey, he has been accompanied by his wife, Anne; his daughter, Jennifer, who lives in New York state; his son, Will, who resides in Denver, Colorado; and friends throughout the U.S. and Canada, including RAF colleague Tom Medsker, MD.

“We began the Great Loop trip on the Potomac River last year, traveling north to Canada, and then to the Great Lakes,” Dr. Scott said. “The next portion will take us from Michigan, going west and then south, toward the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a great adventure, enhanced by the many new friends we have met.”