Radiologist Spotlight: George T. Sofis, MD

In 2015, Newsletter, Physician Spotlight, Sofis, Volume 7 Issue 2 by Addison Clark

When Dr. George Sofis, a board- certified diagnostic radiologist at Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg, started college at Duke University, he wanted to be an environmental engineer. But his career direction took a sharp turn. “My best friends were going into medicine,” he said. “Their arguments were convincing ones. ‘You’ll help people. You’ll always be in demand. You’ll have job security.’ All of that sounded like a good idea!”

Although switching over to a medical career, and a career in radiology, at that, meant changing his mental model (“I love being outside, in nature – and radiologists are often in a dark room,  in a virtual world”), he pursued his chosen vocation with passion. In 2000, he graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina, in the state he considers home. He completed his internship and radiology residency at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX; finished his fellowship in musculoskeletal radiology at Duke University in Durham, NC; and joined RAF in 2006.

Along with working at the Imaging Center for Women, a partnership of RAF and Mary Washington Healthcare, Dr. Sofis has a special niche in sports medicine, serving as the head of RAF’s musculoskeletal section and as one of the “go-to guys” for sports-related  injuries.

He also enjoys having a say in the management and strategic visions of his group. In his daily work, he is reminded often of what a physician mentor told him during his residency in Texas: “Don’t forget that whatever is the best decision for the patient is the best decision for your business.”

What Dr. Sofis appreciates most about his work at RAF is simply stated: “I like that we can take care of our community. Our goal is not just to diagnose, but to add value to the patient experience. For example, we’re available 24/7 for physician consultation and engage patients directly in their healthcare decisions, particularly at the Imaging Center for Women.”

Over his years with RAF, Dr. Sofis’ concept of community has expanded to global dimensions. As part of various missions, he has journeyed to far corners of the world – from Peru to South Africa – to provide consult to global colleagues and free medical care to those in need.

Dr. Sofis met his wife, Charmaine, while on a medical school rotation in London in 2000. A native of South Africa, she was then working as a teacher. The two went on to marry and have four children: Annamarita, 12; Thomas, 10; Emma, 8; and Luke, 4. Other members of the Sofis family include a dog, a hamster, a rabbit, various lizards, five fish, and five chickens.

Along with reading and “sowing and reaping” in the family’s vegetable garden, Dr. Sofis’ recreational activities revolve around nature – boating, hiking in the Shenandoah Mountains, and canoeing on the Rappahannock River.