Radiologist Spotlight: Pam E. Warren, MD

In 2010, Newsletter, Physician Spotlight, Volume 2 Issue 3 by Addison Clark

With a special focus on women’s imaging, Dr. Pam E. Warren describes her work as her “passion.” “My mother died of breast cancer, and I’m determined to do all I can to help diagnose and prevent this disease,” she said.

A native of the Chicago suburbs, Dr. Warren moved to Washington, DC, in 1976 and studied to be a nurse before deciding to go to medical school. “Radiology is such a complex specialty, but I was instantly drawn to it,” she remembered.

“Every case has a new set of questions to be answered. How marvelous to be able to look inside the human body and find an explanation for the patient’s symptoms! Cancer or no cancer? Operate or no? Response to therapy, yes or no? We are in a unique specialty able to answer these and other questions for our patients and their physicians.”

She commuted daily from Washington to Baltimore, MD, to attend the University of Maryland School of Medicine, one of the nation’s oldest medical schools. Dr. Warren graduated Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) in 1986 with the distinction of being the first woman in the history of the medical school to have a child during the busy third year. Dr. Warren completed her radiology residency and fellowship at Georgetown University Hospital and joined Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg (RAF) in 1991. She is board-certified in diagnostic radiology.

[box]“How marvelous to be able to look
inside the human body and find an
explanation for the patient’s symptoms!”[/box]

The primary focus of Dr Warren’s practice is women’s imaging. She spends most of her time at the new Imaging Center for Women (ICW) on the Mary Washington Healthcare Campus. There, she has been instrumental in creating the center’s “look and feel,” as she was responsible for the interior design of the facility. Highlighted with earth-toned hues, the new ICW has been designed to create a spa-like atmosphere. Dr. Warren noted, “It’s a lovely facility where women can have their needs addressed in a professional, yet personal environment.”

In addition to interior design, a second interest is the culinary arts. She recently completed an Italian cooking course while on a trip to Tuscany and is now sharpening her skills in Austrian cuisine.

Her most appreciative audience, she noted, is her husband Jim, who is an  interventional  radiologist currently practicing in Chico, California. The two met at a professional conference and are creatively navigating their bicoastal  marriage.

When not crisscrossing the country to be with each other, they enjoy traveling together to Europe and the Caribbean. Also on the travel log are closer destinations to visit her three children.

Jimmy and his wife, Meredith, work and live near Richmond. Sarah recently graduated from The College of Charleston and is working there in finance. Emily is a second year student at the University of Virginia and will soon declare a double major in French and Global Development.

As for being the only woman on a team of 34 physicians? “Not long after I joined RAF nearly 20 years ago, one of our team’s oldest members paid me the highest compliment,” she remembered. He said, ‘Pam, you’re like an old shoe. You’re so comfortable to be around.’ From that point on, I never questioned my fit here. My colleagues are like family to me.”