Referring Physicians Recommend The Concierge Service for Physicians

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Becki Kuske, RAF Physician Concierge

Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg’s Concierge Service makes it easier for physicians to locate the appropriate radiology subspecialist to discuss studies and test results. Our concierge can connect you with a radiologist to answer medical questions. She can also help track the status of a patient’s study.  Referring physicians who have used the service report they are able to reach our radiology subspecialists more quickly since the Concierge Service was launched earlier this year.



The Concierge Service is a valuable resource for physicians. The concierge can always find the right radiology subspecialist to speak with about a specific case or study.”

– John T. Biddulph, MD

Orthopedic Clinic of Central Virginia


Contact the Concierge Service

Phone#:   855-RAF-LINE  (855-723-5463)

MWHC#:  540-741-7566  (Use ext. 7566 internally from MWHC to reach the concierge)


Hours:     8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday