The diagnosis and treatment of cancer is an intricate process involving multiple specialties and technologies. The diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive procedures offered at Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg (RAF) are integral to the entire process of treating cancer.

The eagle-eyed radiologists at RAF use multiple screening programs and diagnostic modalities (x-ray, mammography, ultrasound, CT, PET-CT, and MRI) to detect cancer early. With our expertise, RAF can determine the extent and invasiveness of the cancer, and in many cases, can predict the type of cancer present. Through one-on-one consultations and multidisciplinary cancer conferences, we work with local oncologists and cancer surgeons to determine the most appropriate medical and surgical therapies for our patients. Our specialists also map the extent of cancer in relation to critical normal organs for optimal radiation therapy by radiation oncologists. For many patients, RAF also performs minimally invasive biopsies that do not require patients to undergo surgery just to obtain a diagnosis.

Once the initial diagnosis has been made and treatment is underway, your other physicians continue to depend on RAF in monitoring the response to treatment. Multiple modalities, usually CT, MRI, and PET-CT, are used to see if your cancer is improving, stable, or progressing.

For some patients, our interventional radiologists are able to provide minimally invasive treatment for cancer, such as with chemo-embolization.

The expertise of RAF across all subspecialties of radiology, along with our close collaboration with your other physicians ensures that you receive the highest quality cancer care. Care that is integrated across specialties, efficient, and tailored for you.