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Lung Cancer Screening

Should You Get a Lung Scan?

Lung cancer may occur in anyone, but former or current smokers, those with exposure to secondhand smoke, or those exposed to occupational hazards such as toxic fumes or asbestos are at greatest risk. If you are concerned for your risk of lung cancer, then consider a scan.

Increasing Chances for a Cure

When caught at its earliest stage, lung cancer survival may be as high as 70%, but it can go undetected for years before causing symptoms. Our lung scan can identify cancer six times earlier than conventional chest x-rays.

Call Today

Patients who would like to be considered for low-dose CT lung cancer screening can contact Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg at 540-741-7644 or toll free 866-828-7226 (866-VCT-SCAN).

Our Lung Cancer Screening Criteria:

  • Age 55-77 and have smoked at least 30 pack years (pack years = packs per day x years smoked)
  • You are a current smoker or quit smoking less than 15 years ago
  • You currently have no acute symptoms
  • A script is required from your physician

Am I a candidate?

Some people will qualify for low dose lung screening that fall outside the recommended criteria. Call our Screenings Coordinator at 540-741-7644 for details.

Your Lung Scan

After you fill out a brief health questionnaire to assess your lung disease risk, our CT scanner will take images in a pain-free and effortless procedure lasting no more than ten minutes.

Your Results

If the radiologist sees an abnormality, you’ll be advised to follow up with your physician or a lung specialist. Your physician will receive a detailed written report with recommendations. A digital copy of the images will also be provided.

How much radiation is involved?

The low dose scan exposure is equivalent to natural levels of background radiation from residing for a year in Denver, Colorado.