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Excellent physicians with specialties in areas of women's imaging, muscosceletal/sports injuries, neuro, vascular, cardiac and cosmetic treatments. Also great staff at their imaging centers, fast and flexible scheduling! Always a great personal experience!
Rebecca Kuske
We have used Medical Imaging at Lee's Hill multiple times over the past several years. My wife has a long and complex medical history and is frequently sent for imaging, be it x-rays, CT Scans, MRI's.... we have always received excellent care. The staff at Lee's Hill is simply the best.... warm, compassionate, and totally committed to providing a quality patient experience, while providing excellent service to ensure that her doctors receive excellent imaging to inform their decisions as to her treatment options. Can't say enough positive things about this facility and especially the staff who work there...where do they find such compassionate people?
Todd Colyer
I would recommend Cosmetic Center by VIVA to anyone because Dina is amazing! She is an absolute professional and the best at what she does! I will definitely be going back!
Pat Mullins

Following a serious fall VIVA was recommended to me by staff at Mary Washington hospital. This was a blessing. Dr. Doherty and his medical team all deserve a rating of five star excellence for their knowledge and professional service. Since I have dealt with arthritis for many years and received help from multiple sources I can truthfully say that Dr. Doherty is the first physician to offer continued assistance even after his personal intervention was already successful. He sees beyond the immediate area of treatment. The staff remained patient throughout the process. The anesthesiologists were exceptional. I am grateful to them and to Premier Physical Therapy for any recovery possible in this elderly body. Dr. Tony Fiore, my primary care physician also deserves thanks for his consistent wisdom.
Nancy Mcnamara
The staff at VIVA are amazing. They work really hard to make sure that you get the best treatment and the keep you informed.
Sarah Perry

There is usually a tremendous amount of worry after mammography, but Medical Imaging has been amazingly fast with results by email. Good or bad, we want the results quickly. The one time I had an issue, the radiologist talked to me immediately. The staff is very pleasant, upbeat, and comforting. There is a very short wait time, which is unusual in any medical office.
Cathie Green

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